Never Forget This When You Meet Someone

Why You're Always on a Job Interview

Do you remember your last job interview? You dressed to impress. Your teeth had never been whiter and you smiled so much your cheeks hurt. You read up on every question they could ask and memorized thoughtful responses. You listened for the question behind the question. You were warm, charming, and funny.

You were so amazing your potential employer would have been crazy not to hire you!

A Gratitude Experiment

Making Thanksgiving Last

I know Thanksgiving is over with, but does it have to be? What if we could extend the attitude of gratitude that we love about Thanksgiving all year long?

People often tell me their favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it isn’t commercialized like the other ones. They love having a day to reflect on the many things they have to be thankful for.

The Happy God

Who is the happiest person you know? Why do you think they are so happy?

I hope that the most joyful and happy people you know are Christians, but that isn’t always the case. Some Christians really struggle with being happy. They can’t laugh. They don’t smile. It’s almost like they think it’s a sin to be happy.

The Illusion of Instagram Happiness

Do you ever look at Instagram and think…Man, they are always having the time of their life! They always seem to be having fun and enjoying life while I’m stuck in a boring job, that I drove to in a boring car, so that I can sleep in a boring house, next to a boring person.

Okay you might not go that far, but I bet there has been a time or two where you compared your life to someone else’s on Instagram and ended up feeling like you were boring.

Why Is God Unfair?

What’s one thing that you wish you could change about your life? What’s one thing that you wish wasn’t true about your life right now?

Some of you are thinking, “I can only pick one thing?” If you’re like me and had a magic wand you can think of a couple of things you would change.

How To Tell If You Struggle With Entitlement

2 Questions That Will Shape Your Leadership

Who do you know that acts entitled? I bet you can think of a few people…your teenagers, your adult children, your brother, your sister, your grandchildren, or maybe a few millennial employees you have.

Our list is pretty long on who suffers from entitlement. But there is one person who is always absent from our list. It’s the one person who suffers the most from entitlement and is completely blind to it…me and you.