Your Part in History

Recently, I had the privilege of being a small part in seeing some prayers answered that others had prayed for years.

It reminded me that we each have a part to play in the grand story God is telling. History is really His-story. This includes the history of the world and your own personal history.

What to Say When You Receive Feedback

2 Words that Keep Feedback Coming

Every leader knows they need feedback. Every good leader wants people to help them see things they can’t see. As you move up in an organization it becomes harder to see reality because either you are too close to the operations or you are too removed to see what’s happening on the front lines.

The entire premise of the hit show Undercover Boss is based on the fact that leaders need to know if what’s on the board room wall is actually happening down the hall.

A Thought on Making America Great Again

I haven’t met anyone who is thrilled about our choices for this presidential election. You might be the exception, but the passion just doesn’t seem to be there for either side.

American flag blowing, close-up

What troubles me is that we are no longer just skeptical. We’ve become distrusting, fearful, and now cynical. And the cynicism is growing.

Preventing Soul Infection

How to Treat Your Emotional Wounds

I bet you have a few epic scars on your body that tell an unforgettable story. I have one on my right elbow from a fishing accident years ago. (Who knew fishing could be so dangerous?)


I was trout fishing in a light rain with my soon-to-be and now father-in-law. The wet conditions, one miscalculated step, and one rotten tree branch created the perfect scenario where I found myself falling backwards off a small cliff.

Should Christians Be The Morality Police

5 Questions to Ask Before You Speak Up

Have you ever felt judged before? It’s the worst feeling in the world, especially when you feel like the crusader for morality doesn’t know the whole story.


My wife drives a suburban. It takes some backbone to admit that here in New York. I know some of you are already judging my family. 🙂 “How could you drive such an environmentally destructive vehicle? Don’t you care for God’s creation?”

The Power of the Right Questions

Back in October we took a group of our staff and volunteer leaders to the Catalyst One Day conference in Pennsylvania. The last time this conference was in the area I took a smaller group and the entire time I kept kicking myself for not bringing more people. The content from Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel is that good!


Anyway…one of the sessions by Andy Stanley, was on how great leaders ask great questions. The big take away for me of that session was that stories and questions are the best way to reinforce values. So I started a list of questions that I gathered from that session and from others to get me thinking. I put them in the back of my journal and have been adding to them as more questions come to mind.